How I Work

I approach my work using a combination of Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy. Alongside this, I also have several other things in my Toolkit to help you get the best results depending on your lifestyle and needs.

My Service is for you if:


You’ve had enough of trying to ‘fix’ your health concerns by yourself with no success


You’ve had enough of short term unsustainable solutions, and are ready to integrate better health into your lifestyle for good


You’re ready to invest in improving your health and work with a professional

How I Approach Your Health

Everything starts with a pre-consultation questionnaire where I find out more about you, your health history and the specific issue you would like to address.

We then have an initial consultation lasting up to 1 hour 20 minutes.

We discuss the specific issue we will be working together to solve. This will also cover a number of topics to better understand not just medical symptoms but also background, medical history, eating habits and lifestyle factors. Clinical tests may be recommended at this point so we can better understand the full picture.

After all the information is analysed, a full report is prepared and sent to you. The report highlights:

  • Red Flags: the suspected causes of imbalance
  • Action Points: suggested steps for you to take to address the Red Flags
  • Nutritional Programme: based on your lifestyle and food preferences

I then continue to support you over a series of follow-up sessions, which allows us to discuss the successes and the challenges of the previous weeks and how to ensure the positive change lasts.

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"Before working with Natalia, I was suffering with generally not feeling well. Bloating, difficulty digesting, mood swings and struggling with my weight. I was feeling tired and found it hard to focus. Since working together, I now feel I know how to manage my nutrition and Natalia’s pragmatic, sensible approach really fits with my lifestyle. She is really warm, friendly and understanding. A professional that goes the extra mile to help you understand how to manage your nutrition!"

– Cami

Investment Options

I care deeply and invest heavily in those I work with and take their health very seriously.

I’m also committed to helping you adopt a lifestyle which leads to overall good health, equipping you with the tools and understanding you need to respond and adapt to situations and health changes as they occur in the future.

Not sure which package is right for you? Get in touch via the button below to arrange a time for a no-pressure confidential chat where we can talk through what is best suited to your requirements.

My Toolkit

Medicinal Mushrooms

My favourite natural weapons to support the immune system, hormonal balance, antiviral protection, and also powerful liver detoxifiers. I only use those that have been scientifically researched and have been tested in a clinic or at a personal level.


I’ve been a licensed HeartMath Coach since 2015. HeartMath is a simple but powerful system of self-regulation techniques you can use “in the moment” to show up as your best self at any given time. 

Diagnostic Testing

During a consultation, we may decide that a more in-depth exploration of your health is required to give us the data required to truly understand what’s going on within your body.


Much like a plant thrives when given fertiliser, our bodies may require additional supplements to help us reach better health, beyond what we can achieve with our diet alone.


Aromatherapy can enhance both physical and emotional health through the medicinal use of aromatic essential oils. A tiny drop can evoke harmony, peace, energy, initiative… the list goes on!



Where do Consultations take place?

Consultations can either take place Virtually vis Zoom/Skype or they can be held in person at The Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic depending on your preference.


What is your Cancellation Policy?

Notice of any cancellation must be given two full working days prior to your consultation time. Otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged. Consultations cancelled on the day they are booked will be charged at the full rate.


Do you offer stand-alone consultations?

I do not offer a stand-alone initial consultation. I have found I achieve the best outcome working with clients who are committed to a series of appointments over a period of time. Knowing when your next session is coming and having regular contact really helps you stay on course and achieve the best results.


Is it possible to talk first to see if you can help me?

Of course! Simply hit the button below to arrange a time for a no-pressure chat to see whether my service is the right fit for you.