As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist, I am very aware of my clients’ emotional state and it’s my belief that we should treat the whole person  mind, body and spirit and HeartMath® has definitely helped me to achieve this.

So what is it? HeartMath® is a scientifically validated system of self-regulation techniques you can use “in the moment” to show up as your best self at any given time. 

Benefits of HeartMath

Health promotion and prevention

Achieving peak mental and intuitive performance

Supporting many stress-related physical and mental problems

How does it work?

The training is based on the HeartMath® resilience-building system. In a nutshell, HeartMath® consists of very simple breathing exercises combined with emotional awareness techniques that enable powerful, long-lasting shifts in attitudes, promoting individual wellbeing whilst facilitating organisational change.

There is also an accompanying portable biofeedback technology that allows participants to check their progress as they practice.

The beauty of HeartMath® is its simplicity.

The fact that it’s an “in the moment” system, means you don’t need to close your eyes or book a room with soft lighting, cushions and incense sticks.

It’s not meditation or mindfulness, and although it shares some of the benefits of both of these, it is much simpler, which makes it incredibly powerful.